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Hosting Made Easy!

We do it ALL for you – meaning that your WordPress website will have the latest security, fast server speed, full website back-ups daily, and scanning for malicious code for quick notification should there be any issues. Standard annual plans available – ask us about discounts for longer terms.

See our Hosting Terms and Conditions.


Our hosting is LIGHTNING FAST and use lightweight Linux containers
with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed.


Your account is AUTO SCALABLE, and we can add more resources to your
server in a click or set them to auto-scale upon traffic spikes without rebooting.


Your data is PROTECTED with 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost.


Your account has a POWERFUL intrusion prevention system which will identify
if someone is trying to bruteforce any of your passwords – like FTP, Email or other,
and will disable access to the attackers IP address IN REAL TIME.


Your website is FASTER because you can choose among 3 datacenters and
add free CDN for better geographical accessibility and local speed.



Your account is AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED to the latest WordPress version
to keep your website safe from security issues.



Your account is monitored DAILY and we will email you about malicious code
or website security issues so that you can deal with issues quickly.