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TINA KEMPLINGAmazingly Talented Designer & Creative Team Leader
Tina is your go-to-person to talk about your project and will help you to realize your marketing vision.

Starting out in the print industry, and moving into newspaper advertising and finally magazine advertising, Tina is a certified designer with more than 30 years experience. With her understanding of advertising and marketing she helps companies tap into the incredible marketing power of today’s digital and print market in new and creative ways.

Meet Our Team

DAVID LETTINGAWickedly Talented Web Developer
Doing design for over 13 years, Dave began with creating websites for Vancouver bands. Now a WordPress Website Specialist for the past 9 years, he does programming, web marketing and site maintenance for all of ITG’s clients. Oh, and he also sings in a rock’ n roll band! ….Pretty cool huh?
BRANDI ANDREWSWickedly Talented Web Developer
A website design and development graduate from the Art Institute of Vancouver, Brandi specializes in HTML and CSS. She’s worked extensively with the Adobe suite since 2008 and is no slouch when graphics are needed. Her creativity certainly shows in her sense of style!
DUSTIN BRAGG-VAN WYCKAmazingly Talented Designer & Print Specialist
Dustin graduated from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts with a degree in game art and design. Ever interested in graphics, Dustin has been working as a freelance designer in animation and branding for many years and we are glad to have him on the team!
JEFF KEMPLINGBindery Specialist
Product Finishing, Delivery & Maintenance and an all around genuine sweet guy who likes fast cars and Star Wars.

Who Is ITG?

At Imagine That Graphics we are committed to excellent design, creative marketing ideas and to sustainable, values-based business. We work hand-in hand with our clients to generate marketing and branding that sets them apart in today’s competitive marketplace.
Our team of top notch designers are not only passionate about design, but reflect Imagine That’s commitment to the community and the environment. It is our goal to “be the change we want to see in the world”.
At ITG we are committed to being a sustainable company, and continually striving to find better, greener alternatives to print and website products. Check out our Green Initiatives under About ITG.
We believe in providing quality work on time, and on budget. Clear communication and lots of it helps us to ensure that we get the job done!

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 85
Print Design 90
Graphic Design 85
Advertising 70

Our Happy Clients